Iberia moves to paperless cockpits with Lufthansa Systems' iPad apps

Iberia, Spain’s largest airline, is to use Lido aeronautical systems from Lufthansa Systems for flight operations.

The airline has initially opted for paper-based Lido/RouteManual navigation charts, after which it will migrate entirely to the electronic Lido/iRouteManual and Lido/Enroute iPad apps. EasyJet recently opted for a similar system from Lufthansa Systems, and Thomas Cook's airlines have also adopted Lido systems.

Iberia will therefore in the near future be flying with paperless cockpits, subject to approval by the Spanish regulatory authorities.

The new system will enable Iberia to benefit from more efficient route planning, cost reductions and fuel savings. Lido/iRouteManual includes electronic navigation charts for take-off and landing procedures as well as airport and route charts.

The charts are based directly on the Lido navigation database and contain all important route information including altitude and airport data. They display true-to-scale geographic information such as terrain features and rivers. The navigation charts' clear colour-coding and self-explanatory symbols support visual thinking, said Lufthansa Systems.

Layout, colours and symbols are identical in the charts' paper and electronic versions, making it easier for pilots to migrate to Lido/iRouteManual.

The electronic navigation charts offer the airline faster updates and more flexible flight preparations. The latest briefing charts can be downloaded to the pilots’ iPads instead of having to be printed out and distributed to each cockpit.

Lido/Enroute will enable Iberia to provide its pilots with a worldwide, fully dynamic and interactive enroute chart for all its flights on iPads. Lido/Enroute allows easy look-up of all relevant information airline pilots need for safe flight operations, such as communication frequencies or route-specific alerts.

Iberia is a member of the oneworld alliance and part of the International Airlines Group (IAG), which includes British Airways.

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