Most IT pros feel neglected as firms fail to integrate IT with business

Almost three quarters of IT professionals (72 percent) "feel under-appreciated" in the workplace, with many companies also failing to properly integrate IT with the business, according to research.

Recruitment firm Spring Technology questioned 440 IT candidates and 160 IT employers about the role and position of IT at organisations. Among staff, 70 percent believed employers were failing to break down barriers between IT departments and the wider business.

And over half (55 percent) thought the majority of employers "lack an understanding of how their role contributes to the success of the organisation".

Location is regarded as the most significant consideration when accepting a new position, with 62 percent of IT professionals seeing their place of work as a "deal breaker". Salary is the next most influential factor, with 55 percent of respondents cited it as critical, and a clear job description was the third most important driver (40 percent) in accepting a new job.

But business leaders’ had other ideas, with 71 percent of employers thinking salary is the deciding factor, while only one in five (21 percent) were aware of the importance of a clear job description.

"When many IT candidates are more than willing to discuss the wider offer, it is important not to over-estimate a single element of the reward package if businesses are to attract high calibre IT talent", said Richard Protherough, managing director of Spring Technology.

He said: "A complex war for talent with tailored offers is replacing the old ‘one size fits all’ methodology, where employers competed on who could offer the highest salary.

“Today’s business leaders need to learn to cater for a mixed workforce where as many as four generations could be working together. Flexible working, opportunities for travel and company reputation all influence the career decisions of IT professionals."


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