Thomas Cook deploys Lufthansa flight planning to improve operations

Thomas Cook Group has deployed Lufthansa Systems' flight planning technology to improve operations at its airlines.

The Lido/Flight system is now being used by all airlines in the group, covering a total of 88 aircraft as part of a ten year contract. Lufthansa Systems already hosted the Thomas Cook data centre.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines comprises Thomas Cook Airlines UK, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Condor. By mid-2016 a total of 25 brand-new Airbus A321 aircraft will be added to the fleet.

Lido/Flight offers flight dispatchers a host of options for optimising flights in terms of flying time, fuel consumption, air traffic control fees and other costs. Integrated data and a variety of additional modules for Lido/Flight increase the degree of automation and support the work of flight dispatchers.

“The Lido/Flight flight planning solution offers us a high degree of automation and extensive route optimisation capabilities. This enables us to lower our fuel consumption and thus our costs," said Christoph Debus, group head of air travel at Thomas Cook Group.

Thomas Cook Airlines is using additional Lido/Flight modules such as the InflightMonitor. Both prior to departure and during a flight, this module reviews new information relevant to safe flight operations which might affect the planned routes, airspaces or airports, and transmits it to the flight dispatcher or directly to the pilots in the aircraft.

In September 2012, Thomas Cook Group moved a large chunk of its outsourced e-commerce operations from Accenture to CatN.

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