ComputerworldUK’s IT hits and misses of 2013

Facebook’s doing it. Spotify’s doing it. Twitter’s doing it. Of course Buzzfeed will do it. Yes, it’s that time of the year when the editorial team behind ComputerworldUK looks back and picks out our top stories of 2013 - the ones that made us laugh, the ones that made us cry (“No more Universal Credit, please!” - Derek Du Preez, deputy news editor) and the ones that just made our jaws drop in collective disbelief.

Welcome to ComputerworldUK’s 2013 year in review.

1. We’ve already mentioned it, so let’s get it out of the way first. The government’s rollout of its major welfare reform project, Universal Credit.

Just this year, we wrote no less than 32 stories on the subject. The implementation was a ‘disaster’ said some, its management was ‘poor’, people in charge ‘stepped down’, others thought that open source didn't exist two years ago, digital experts ‘distanced themselves’, ‘millions of pounds’ have been written off, and of course, despite protests to the contrary, the full rollout has been delayed.

2. Serco and G4S overcharge the government millions of pounds on electronic monitoring contracts with Ministry of Justice. Heads roll, refunds are made, Serious Fraud Office investigations are launched, contracts are lost, government's commercial skills are called into question. What a mess.

3. Banks are, for various reasons, not the most popular of businesses. It doesn’t help when they stop working:

- RBS notches up yet another major IT outage...just a few month after FCA launches investigation for last year’s cock-up

- TSB website falls down on launch day

- Nationwide hit by online banking outage

4. But at least some are kind enough to give the public a chance to air their views. Even if that wasn’t quite the plan #BadIdea:

JP Morgan cancels Twitter Q&A after barrage of criticism

5. Although one company had a revealing attitude to that pesky social media tool:

Easyjet staff threaten to deny boarding to a passenger complaining on Twitter.

6. What's possibly even more annoying than online banking not working? Your mobile phone provider's network suffering an outage.

- Three mobile data network goes down

7. There was that time the IT industry had a good old chuckle at the City of London Police commissioner's view on cyber crime.

- London police commissioner's cyber crime open letter laughed at by industry.

-Although he did get a chance to respond to his critics.

8. ERP giant SAP had its good days: Will Oracle's customer base migrate to SAP Business Suite on HANA?

And bad: SAP's heavy-handed tactics against Spinnaker exposed

9. While some big name customers of rival Oracle revealed their ups and downs of using Oracle software:

- John Lewis transforms HR with self-service

- Stanley Black & Decker show how it's possible for SAP and Oracle to co-exist

- Guardian upgrades Oracle software faster with automation

10. And finally, a story worthy of the Daily Mash: Yorkshire Bank online banking website goes down because...someone forgot to renew the website domain name.

Merry Christmas everyone, and see you in the New Year.

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