CIOs don't believe current cost/reward ratio in mobile stacks up

Companies are failing to see the strategic value of mobility, according to a new CIO survey from enterprise apps company, Mobile Helix. While 78% of CIOs claim they have a mobility strategy, but only 14% are using mobility to transform their business or open new revenue streams, the survey found.

Unsurprisingly, 87 percent of CIOs believe that a majority of their employees would benefit from increased access to enterprise applications, like CRM, ERP and SharePoint on mobile devices. However, 66 percent of CIOs say that they think that it's too complex to deliver these apps and 72 percent say it's too costly to integrate mobile innovations into legacy applications.

CIOs are most likely to use mobility as an extension of the office today. The most common examples of mobile use highlighted were on-device storage, while GPS/location-based capabilities are also becoming more popular.

Mobile Helix's President, Matt Bancroft, said, "To date, people are focusing on simply doing what they have always done, but from a mobile device, yet there is so much more potential value available. Take an industry where physical signatures are still needed: why not look at ways to use fingerprint scanning and location awareness on mobile devices as a way to completely change the way the industry works.

Bancroft said the broad adoption of HTML5, meant enterprises can develop and deliver apps using their existing infrastructure and in-house skills. This means that the development of mobility solutions and mobile innovations can be both simple and cost effective."

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