Competitive edge lies in apps, says CA Technologies

Apps are what gives businesses a competitive advantage, but IT teams need to change to enable them to be delivered quickly without sacrificing quality, according to CA Technologies UK and Ireland VP and general manager.

“At a macro level, businesses want to spend more on delivering apps than on the infrastructure,” Jacqueline de Rojas told ComputerworldUK.

“I think apps is where the competitive advantage lives. They want to get their apps out there faster, securely and with higher quality. They've got to make releases hourly or daily, rather than monthly.”

For CA Technologies, this means getting the 'DevOps message' out there. Showing how development and operational teams can work together was a key theme of the vendor's CA Expo 13 event in London this week.

“If you want to get an app out quickly, you've got to get the release management right. With a very big, banking customer, we've taken testing from 16 weeks to three hours,” De Rojas said.

She added: “That's where you get massive savings. One thing that people don't want to spend money on is testing. DevOps gives you the ability to release hourly. You can't take 12 to 18 months to build an app anymore.”

De Rojas believes that the companies pursuing the DevOps approach tend to be the ones that are under pressure to perform.

She said: “Companies that are under pressure to be competitive will look in any direction possible for survival or competitive edge. The ones that are more comfortable feel they have more time.”

However, the size of the company may also mean that a business has no choice but to have a single DevOps team.

“[Smaller companies] don't have the luxury to split the teams. The big companies need the competitive pressures.”

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