SAP calls for partners' help to achieve high double-digit HANA growth

SAP is calling on its partners and channel eco-system to help it fulfil its ambitions of becoming the number two database company in the world by 2015, with ambitions for high-double digit growth in the EMEA region.

Chano Fernandez, SAP's head of innovation sales in EMEA, took to the stage for the opening keynote at the company's Database & Technology Partner Summit in Barcelona this week and detailed SAP's ambitions for HANA over the next couple of years.

HANA is SAP's flagship in-memory database and platform, which is central to the company's strategy going forward. It is planning to offer all of its products, both on-premise and in the cloud, on HANA.

Although he was keen to highlight that his predictions are not financial projections, rather 'ambitions', Fernandez outlined SAP's aggressive growth plans.

He said: “Let me share with you what is our vision, our mission, our strategy: disruptive double-digit growth, high double-digit growth.

“We have publicly stated that we want to be the fastest growing database company in the world, and we want to be the number two database company by 2015. What that means for us in EMEA is that we need to grow three times faster than the market.”

He added: “Our ambition is to double the size of the business we have today in database and technology.”

Fernandez encouraged partners in the audience to look at their growth portfolio and to implement HANA as the core, urging them to “get HANA as the future”.

He said: “There are a lot of opportunities for you. We cannot do this without you, you are key, you are essential for us in achieving our mission.”

We need your help

Steven Birdsall, SVP of SAP's OEM and Rapid Deployment Solutions, agreed with Fernandez and explained to attendees at the summit that in two years' time SAP expects 2,000 customers to be using HANA, and it expects that half of these will be via partners.

He explained that previously SAP's partnerships had been focused on systems integration and straight resellers, but now it is 'evolving', where partners are doing things like building their own cloud environments based on SAP's Business Suite on HANA, which they then offer on to customers. Birdsall expects these partnerships will experience triple digit growth.

He said during his keynote speech that SAP doesn't have the capability to deliver on its ambitious plans without the help of partners.

“Customers are embracing innovation much, much faster than what our capability of delivering it alone is. That means that our partners have to be involved,” said Birdsall.

“There's no way we can have the level of domain expertise that's required in order for us to take our technology, build products, and take it into the market – we have to leverage our partners to be able to do that. It is the new opportunity.”

He added: “Your products and your industry expertise, along with SAP as a platform combined, equals a real powerhouse for the future. The market requires your skills and expertise, along with ours, in order to capture this great market momentum.”

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