TSB plans partnership-building trip to China with UK tech companies

The government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has organised a trip for thirteen of the UK’s most innovative companies to visit China this month and explore greener approaches to manufacturing techniques.

TSB has organised the trip in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MoST) and will commence for six days from the 22 September. Participants will visit three Chinese regions renowned for their enterprise and heavy manufacturing – Changsha, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

It is hoped that the mission will allow the UK companies to collaborate on research, development and innovation with their Chinese counterparts and allow the businesses to form long-lasting partnerships.

"The UK and China have a close working relationship and this is a fantastic business opportunity for some of the most innovative companies in the UK. It will give them the chance to reach out to a new market and collaborate with business in one of the world's fastest growing economies,” said Universities and Science minister David Willetts.

"By supporting our brightest businesses we will ensure that the UK remains ahead in the global race, developing new ideas and exporting them across the globe. This mission will benefit both China and the UK and is a great step forward in building long lasting relationships."

Each of the 13 UK companies chosen has been selected for excellence in at least one of the following four key areas:

• The use of alternative, greener substances in manufacturing
• The recycling and re-manufacturing of finite resources
• Decreasing the amount of material deployed to deliver services
• Lower energy consumption over a product lifecycle

The companies include a developer of fuel-cell technologies that make electricity more accessible for consumers and businesses; a filter manufacturer that uses advanced metal manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing; and an R&D centre using sodium batteries to replace conventional energy power and storage in electric vehicles.

"The goal of this mission is to provide the companies with the necessary know-how, connections and inspiration to help improve and accelerate opportunities with potential customers and partners,” said David Bott, director of Innovation Programmes at the Technology Strategy Board.

"The UK and China are two of the world's largest manufacturers. This mission marks a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries, focused on sustainable manufacturing and the transformation to a green economy.”

A full list of the companies involved and more details regarding the project can be found here.

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