Software developers community pledges to boost ICT teachers’ skills

Tech start-up Skills Matter has pledged to help equip teachers to teach the new, rigorous computing curriculum that will be coming into force next September.

Skills Matter, which supports a community of 50,000 software professionals with talks, hackathons, tech meetups, conferences and workshops to help them learn and share skills, is working in partnership with not-for-profit Computing At School (CAS) and Code Club.

The organisations aim to address one of the main issues with improving the quality of ICT education in schools to encourage increased take-up of the subject at GCSE-level and beyond, which is that existing computing teachers might not have the necessary skills to teach the more rigorous curriculum.

As part of its commitment, Skills Matter aims to recruit members from its community of software developers to support and recruit more volunteers for Code Clubs around the UK.

It will also organise and host training courses for computing teachers, and help to provide CAS with communication materials to inform teachers about the curriculum changes that will be happening and the support that is available to them.

Wendy Devolder, founder and CEO of Skills Matter, said: “If the UK wants to maintain its position as a centre of tech innovation, the IT industry must do more to support the current efforts to provide our young people with coding and IT skills.

“Both CAS and Code Club do awesome work by supporting teachers and their pupils, and Skills Matter hopes to be able to extend their impact even further by creating opportunities for teachers to learn and share STEM skills with our passionate community of software developers and experts.”

Last year, the Royal Society's report, 'Shut down or restart? The way forward for computing in UK schools', called for the UK government to boost the number of specialist computing teachers in the country.


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