Ministry of Justice spends £1.5m on cloud-based Jadu system for tribunals

The Ministry of Justice has spent £1.5 million with SME developer Jadu through the G-Cloud to help set up its new digital employment tribunals end-to-end process.

Up to now most of the attention on the new work tribunal system has been around claimants now having to pay to file a claim against their employer, but now more technical details about the new system have been revealed.

Prior to the launch of the Jadu system, downloading and completing forms was a lengthy and manual process. The new design makes it quicker and easier for members of the public to submit the required information online.

With Jadu’s Universe Platform, management and processing tools help ensure the MoJ’s online forms "are managed with the same robust approach as any business critical system or application", said Jadu.

Information is securely collected and processed through business rules that help ensure data accuracy and efficient data processing.
Integration with the MoJ’s existing case management and accounts receivable systems also means that once the form is submitted the MoJ systems are updated at regular intervals.

Previously every office had its own back office system, which often led to disjointed processes and inefficiencies.

The cloud-based system has seen Jadu simplify the way in which MoJ staff can keep track of cases on an ongoing basis, while aiming to give the public a more intuitive interface to use.

Run on an agile development basis, the ten strong Jadu team released software on a weekly basis in order to fully test the new system. Agreeing the scope of work each week enabled the MoJ team to quickly avoid potentially expensive mistakes in misunderstood requirements, and also ensure a more robust development, said Jadu.

“The Ministry of Justice has used the Jadu Universe service as a platform for building rich digital services,” said Richard Friend, global business director at Jadu. “This, together with using G-Cloud as the procurement method and agile as the delivery method, shows how great, innovative thinking is starting to incubate in government - from procurement through to delivery.”

Last month the MoJ put out to tender a three-year data centre services contract worth between £12 million and £24 million.

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