Google Drive integrated with Search to enhance hyperlinking

Google Drive updated its Docs and Slides hyperlink tool yesterday, allowing users to search for material to link to across the web and in their Google Drive.

The update sees a new search box introduced that automatically displays potentially useful web pages, documents and bookmarks when the user highlights a piece of text and clicks the hyperlink icon (Ctrl K on the keyboard).

Google said yesterday: "Starting today, the link tool now offers you suggestions based on the text you are hyperlinking just in case you don't have the URL you need offhand.”

The results usually include a Wikipedia article and official sites. For example, highlighting New York in a Google Doc brings up and If you had any documents in your Google Drive containing information on New York then it would also display links to those.

The relatively minor update illustrates how Google is attempting to integrate all of its services and outdo competitors like Microsoft, which currently lacks any integration between Office Web Apps and Bing.

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