CSC tells staff to train offshore workers after being made redundant

Staff that have recently been made redundant at Computer Science Coporation (CSC) are furious after being told that they will be responsible for training up the new offshored employees that will replace their jobs.

CSC, which has also received plenty of criticism over the disastrous National Programme for IT, recently announced 750 redundancies as part of a restructuring programme, where 200 roles are being offshored to India and the Czech Republic.

However, the UK workers losing their jobs as a result of the work being exported overseas are now expected to ‘transfer their knowledge’ to the new workers to ensure a smooth transition.

Unite national officer, Ian Tonks, is demanding that CSC offer employees a fair package for their service to the company.

"Workers who are paying the ultimate price of their jobs, will be expected to help make themselves redundant by training others,” he said.

"The company which claims to have $2billion in cash available in the bank is refusing to properly compensate the workers for this indignity. To make matters worse CSC want to confirm the redundancies for the majority of staff before asking them to 'handover' their responsibilities.

"This is totally unacceptable and the union is demanding that CSC negotiates a proper package for workers that recognises their contribution and loyalty. The company must also do everything to keep compulsory redundancies to an absolute minimum."

He added: "Unite has had enough of the constant rounds of redundancies and staff are going to resist. The union now expects CSC to do more for the highly skilled workers who have given years of loyalty."

CSC has said that it is handling the situation 'compassionately' and will look to compensate staff.

“As part of its ongoing transformation strategy, CSC continues to redesign its global operations with the objective of becoming a more nimble, accountable, efficient organisation to improve its service to clients," a CSC spokesperson said.

"The redesign has resulted in the loss of some jobs in locations throughout CSC’s organisation, including the UK. We estimate that up to 750 employees will be impacted in the UK, all of whom will be supported professionally, compassionately and with assistance, where necessary, in their transition from CSC."

CSC added: "We continue to explore other opportunities within CSC to place our UK employees. A small number of CSC's UK employees are supporting the knowledge transfer for specific roles moving to other CSC locations, and they are being additionally compensated."

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