Accenture wins major contract to overhaul Scottish Police systems

Accenture has secured a 10 year deal with the Scottish Police Authority and Police Scotland to overhaul its operational policing systems.

It will be charged with implementing i6, which will replace more than 120 IT and paper based systems, and be rolled out to all Police Scotland divisions by late 2015.

i6 will support new standardised national policing processes, daily policing operations and investigations, which Accenture hopes will drive operational efficiencies and increase information sharing across the new national force.

The new system will allow users to manage, analyse and share operational and case information across Scotland.

Accenture won the ten year deal after a two-year competitive tendering process.

“I am absolutely delighted to confirm that i6 is a reality for Police Scotland. Together with Accenture, we can now start on our journey to have truly national policing processes supported by a modern IT solution,” said Deputy Chief Constable Richardson, Police Scotland.

“Our focus is – and always will be – on keeping people safe and maximizing operational, frontline police activity to allow us to achieve this. The introduction of efficient and effective ICT will increase the ability of our officers to fight crime and be more visible in our communities. We have undertaken a rigorous process thus far to evidence that i6 will deliver the intended outcomes and robust governance will continue to ensure the successful delivery of this program.”

He added: “There will be efficiencies in terms of streamlining administrative tasks that will free up police officers for frontline activities, allowing them to be more visible and accessible in the communities they serve. In addition, i6 offers us real value for money over the long-term with the introduction of a modern, agile and sustainable ICT solution, which replaces legacy systems operated by the previous forces in Scotland.”

Accenture Police Services will provide technology and implementation services to Police Scotland, but will also be providing user training and implementation support, on-going system maintenance and technology support services.

The solution will also give the Scottish Police Authority and Police Scotland opportunities for mobile access for officers in the future, as well as increased online public access.

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