Lancashire Care NHS trust deploys mobile business intelligence

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is deploying a mobile business intelligence system among its 6,000 field-based clinicians.

Lancashire Care said clinicians will now be able to independently access and share the information they need "to boost individual and collective performance, as well as improve the quality and efficiency of patient care".

The trust is the largest provider of mental health and community care services in Lancashire. It will use Yellowfin’s mobile BI capabilities to deliver reporting and analytics to clinicians.

“It quickly became apparent how expensive most business intelligence solutions were to roll-out across large organisations,” said Lancashire Care director of finance Dave Tomlinson. “We wanted a solution which could start small and then be scaled up without giving us headaches about cost.”

Previously, the trust’s community services staff worked remotely via a paper-based diary system of record keeping. They will now be able to access personalised patient and performance data directly from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The technology is also being adopted for existing desktop reporting requirements.

In addition, using Yellowfin the trust has developed a "balanced scorecard", which pulls together clinical, financial, human resources and quality control information to provide trust executives, management and board of directors an overall view of current trust performance.

Yellowfin is a Melbourne, Australia-based company and the software is developed over there.

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