Most mobile workers use their own gadgets to do their work

The majority of mobile workers now use their own devices to do their work, according to research.

Enterprise WiFi provider iPass questioned 1,150 mobile workers around the world and found that 70 percent of all mobile workers now take part in BYOD policies.

Such policies are becoming so important that 35 percent of all respondents said a company's BYOD policy can sway their employment choices.

To illustrate the Capex and productivity benefits to companies of BYOD (bring your own device) strategies, the research found that 51 percent worked more than 50 or more hours a week, most with the help of their own gadgets. In addition, 16 percent worked 60 or more hours a week.

A majority of respondents felt "more productive" rather than "less productive" working remotely at home and in remote offices.

Of workers who take advantage of BYOD the majority claim WiFi costs on their expenses. Nearly three out of four (71 percent) mobile workers research WiFi hotspot availability before they travel.

Evan Kaplan, CEO at iPass, said: "Mobile workers want access to reliable, cost-effective connectivity whenever and wherever they need to work."

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