BskyB finalises £49 million fibre deal with Virgin Media Business

BskyB has signed a £49 million fibre deal with Virgin Media Business to underpin the core of its network, which will help Sky delivery against increasing data demands.

The five year contract will see the core of the network in place by the end of 2013. Virgin Media Business claims that each of the connections will be superfast, delivering speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

The deal was first signed at the end of the first quarter, but full details are being released today.

“As we see traffic on our network grow significantly year-on-year, this agreement provides us with the capacity we need to keep innovating for customers and as such are committed to maintaining our high-capacity network,” said Mohamed Hammady, director of Sky Network Services at BSkyB.

The companies have said that the improved network will help Sky deliver better services for the public in the consumer division.

“High capacity connectivity is vital in today’s digitally driven world,” said Tony Grace, managing director, Virgin Media Business.

“Whilst we’re concentrating on developing better services for the public in our consumer division, we also believe that our high capacity network is ideally placed to provide the underlying infrastructure that can help other providers with their backhaul capacity needs.”


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