esure deploys Cordys platform to interface with Ministry of Justice

Insurance provider esure has deployed the Cordys Business Operations Platform in a bid to improve its claims handling procedures and to control costs on third party claims.

For example, Cordys has integrated the existing policy, product and payment systems and introduced a fully automated interface with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for handling third party injury claims. The tool enables esure to monitor the work queues using real-time dashboards.

It hopes that by enhancing current procedures and using the platform to obtain better information, this will aid the negotiation of claims with third parties.

“Cordys delivers a high degree of automation combined with the flexibility needed to manage the dynamic nature of Third Party insurance claims,” said Sue Inglis, Head of Claims at esure.

“For example, case management allows us to carry out investigations, assign work to the right people and prevent fraud.”
She added: “The MOJ interface gives us real time information, quicker response times, enhanced MI and the elimination of manual logging of claims.”

Esure is one of the UK’s main online insurance providers, which has grown its business to over one million live policies in just five years.

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