New UK Oracle User Group President plans C-level track for members

The UK Oracle User Group’s (UKOUG) newly appointed president, David Warburton-Broadhurst, plans to introduce a C-level executive track for members, so as to increase its influence with Oracle.

Warburton-Broadhurst is also the CIO of telematics solutions provider Masternaut and recently replaced Debra Lilley, who resigned from the post last year. He has been a member of the UKOUG for approximately seven years and was approached by the Group’s vice president Fiona Martin to take up the post.

In an interview with Computerworld UK, Warburton-Broadhurst explained that the User Group has had a shrinking membership in recent years and has just focused on the technology aspects of Oracle products.

However, he is looking to turn this around by attracting big brand names to the group that can address the business challenges and opportunities presented by Oracle implementations.

“[I aim to bring] strong leadership and create a direction in which the User Group wants to go based on our core values, recognising our existing user base, both through the application usage and the technical usage, but also extending the reach of the User Group to C-level executives who have never engaged with UKOUG before,” said Warburton-Broadhurst.

“I would really like to reach out to that C-level and start to engage with them. Start to run activities and sessions for them, to attract them into the User Group.”

At the moment the UKOUG has tracks for technical and application members, but the plan is to introduce a third track specifically for these C-level members.

“The third one I want to bring is the executive level track, where we are looking at why we would use Oracle, what are the benefits, what keeps the CEO awake at night, how does Oracle mitigate that,” added Warburton-Broadhurst.

“We are absolutely looking to expand the user base - we have got around 1,300 members at the moment. My view is that by networking with a certain level and introducing the User Group at a certain level, will attract interest.”

“The thinking is that we will get some really strong brands to the User Group, which we can then use to collaborate and work with Oracle on their strategy on a peer-to-peer level. Bring the commercial angle to it.”

Finally, Warburton-Broadhurst said that he also wants to raise the profile of the User Group within the Oracle community and become a reference point for technology implementation decisions – instead of having to rely on vendor sales people.

“We also want to strengthen our brand in the industry and be recognised as a single point of reference for the Oracle products. So if someone is looking at using Oracle, what I want them to think is: yes, let’s talk to the User Group,” he said.

“I want to be the best reference group to talk to, to learn about the products, warts and all. Rather than talking to a reference that is highly polished and ready to present all the good news stories.”

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