Transport for London upgrades mobile workforce system

Transport for London (TfL) has brought in Cognito, the mobile workforce management specialist, to replace its existing system that supports over 500 users in its bus operations and bus enforcement (ticket checking) divisions.

Cognito, which has worked for TfL since 1995, was responsible for designing and integrating the new system, which upgraded the O2 mobile handheld systems supporting TfL’s field based revenue protection inspectors and infrastructure managers.

In collaboration with specialist transport and timesheet management software providers, Cognito also provided an entire new back office system for the management of staff time, attendance, processing of fare evasion and other enforcement cases.

The new system allows managers to have full visibility of staff activity and performance, which adds an additional level of security to lone workers and ensures employees are paid in-line with hours worked, annual leave taken and any overtime.

For the bus operations division, said TfL, the system provides better visibility of assets and safety risks across the bus network, resulting in identifying and reporting hazards, as well as initiating quicker repairs and maintenance.

Bus operations are looking at using the system to assist in providing passengers with improved real-time information in the event of road closures, events or unplanned incidents.

Within the bus enforcement division Cognito’s system has helped eliminate paperwork, improving the process of recording fare evading passenger details. As a result the process is said to be more accurate, less labour intensive and quicker.

This means there are fewer disturbances to the majority of passengers who travel having paid their fare. The improved process has resulted in a reduction in the length of time taken to bring offenders to justice.

“We have worked with Cognito for over 15 years so when we needed to replace our previous system against tight timescales we were confident in their ability to work with O2, not just to deliver on time but also to provide a solution which better supported our field and office workers,” said Nick Owen at TfL.

Cognito’s replacement of TfL’s back-end system was completed in collaboration with O2, ITAL and Crown, and has resulted in TfL exploring the roll out of the solution on the London Underground as a future project.

Earlier this year TfL started a tendering process for a technical testing, analysis and consultancy services framework contract worth up to £15 million over four years. TfL envisaged signing up up to 20 suppliers for 11 lots of work.

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