Data centre offers 100Gbps links to customers for cloud and mobile apps

Data centre operator Redstation is offering its customers data speeds of up to 100Gbps to better support access to cloud and mobile applications.

The fibre links between Redstation's two data centres in Hampshire and its customers are being provided by Virgin Media Business. The 100Gbps connections will tackle the latency and jitter problems some companies can experience when getting access to some applications in the cloud, and supporting end users trying to access corporate applications on mobile gadgets.

The new network is being rolled out to Redstation by Virgin "over the next six months" said Redstation. "We will be able to support our data-hungry customers with greater capacity and differentiate ourselves from the competition", said the firm.

Redstation reckons it will be able to offer its customers "the ability to transfer data at least twice the speed of a typical point-to-point connection offered by most data centres".

Martin Groom, managing director at Redstation, said: "Virgin Media Business’ new network will mean that we can offer customers more than enough bandwidth, and even have spare capacity to ensure we can create newer services for our customers.”

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