Enfield council moves to protect sensitive emails

Enfield Council is controlling the distribution of sensitive data by email in line with the HM Government Security Policy Framework.

The council has deployed the janusSEAL email classification system across the entire organisation, covering 4,000 staff.

The janusSEAL system from janusNET provides comprehensive email classification and labelling for the council's Microsoft Outlook platform, enabling Enfield to protect its information in compliance with the latest version of the Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS).

The new system actively educates employees on the organisation’s security policies in real time, helping to mitigate the risk of unintentional loss or exposure of sensitive information by email.

When creating an email, users are prompted to classify the mail as "unclassified", "protected" or "restricted" via a pop-up dialogue before the email can be sent. This empowers users to improve data security and helps to build a security-aware culture throughout the organisation, said the council.

As part of its drive to improve information security Enfield is building an Information Asset Register to classify all of its electronic documents according to the level of sensitivity of the data held.

A key benefit of janusSEAL is its ability to detect the security classification of documents being attached to emails, and automatically adjust the email classification to suit without user intervention, helping to further reinforce the council’s email rules.

Mike Weston, head of ICT at Enfield Council, said: “Compliance with the Government’s Security Policy Framework is a priority for us. The janusSEAL system has helped us to establish consistent data security procedures within our organisation, enforcing policies in real time and helping staff to reduce the risk of data loss.

"It also helps users to prevent potential incidents before a breach can happen and minimises involvement of IT staff."

Enfield is using janusSEAL across its Microsoft Outlook 2010 estate and plans to extend the platform to support classification in other Microsoft Office business applications during this summer. The system was supplied and installed by janusNET partner Bridgeway Security Solutions.

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