Sky ‘cannot be specific’ about time frames to get Yahoo! email platform working

Sky has told its customers that are still experiencing problems with their email, seven days after the company went live with Yahoo! mail after migrating away from Gmail, that it ‘cannot be specific’ about when all services will be back up and running.

However, it has said that the problem is a ‘top priority’ and that it has engineers both at Sky and at Yahoo! working on the issues.

This will come as a blow to those customers that still cannot get access to their inbox, some of which are running businesses and have had angry clients to deal with. Some have indicated on Sky’s forum that they will be demanding compensation from the company.

Sky said in an update today: “We’re very sorry if you are still having problems trying to access your new Sky Yahoo! Mail account. We realise how frustrating this must be, and we are working to restore your access to email for everyone as soon as we can.

“Please be reassured that your emails that were in your account before the switch to Sky Yahoo! Mail have not been lost.”

On Sky’s website it states that the company has teamed up with Yahoo! to offer its customers a new email service, which was due to launch on 4th April, as Google could “no longer provide Sky with an email platform that caters for [its] requirements”. However, since the 4th when the platform went live customers have experienced problems gaining access, faced severe delays and had to wait hours for thousands of old unwanted emails to be downloaded.

Sky has asked customers experiencing any of the problems listed below to get in touch:

• When trying to log-in to the sky email through, you cannot access your account

• You are unable to access your account through an email client such as Outlook

• You have tried to reset your password through My Sky or even on the Sky email log-in journey in the last, and this has been unsuccessful

• People trying to email you receive a ‘delivery failure message’ or some sort, and this would have been the case since the early hours of Thursday 4th April, or following the Sky Yahoo! Mail T&Cs acceptance, whichever is latest.

Sky believes that the issues are now mostly occurring for customers that have previously associated their Sky email address with a Yahoo! account.

Sky added: “Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We’re doing everything we can do get your service up and running and appreciate your support in making this happen.”

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