Times newspaper launches problem iPad app to readers

The Times newspaper is struggling to iron out bugs in its new iPad app, after being flooded with complaints from readers who say it can not be run properly on their machines.

Earlier this month the paper launched a major update to The Times iPad app. The Times and The Sunday Times are now available as one app, which includes live breaking news, access to more puzzles, overnight Newsstand delivery and storage for up to 31 days of editions.

Tom Whitwell, head of digital for The Times and Sunday Times, said:"We are aware that some readers are having problems with the new app and we are working very hard to address these".

Whitwell said: "We’ve made some initial changes in a new version that will be in the App Store within a few days. This will improve Newsstand overnight downloads and app stability."

He added: "We have identified that the most acute issues are linked to the level of memory available on certain iPads".

The paper has now produced a guide for readers to help them try and get round certain difficulties with using the app.

Among irate Times iPad readers is Richard Holway, founder of industry analyst house TechMarketView. He said: "For the last year or so I have enjoyed The Times and Sunday Times apps on my iPad 1. I download them before getting on the early morning train.

"Last week The Times launched a new app which automatically downloaded today’s paper overnight into Newsstand and other features. So, I installed the new app.

"And it is rubbish. It crashes my iPad repeatedly. I have never got past page one of the newspaper since."

Holway said he went on Twitter to measure sentiment from other readers. He said: "There are many other Times users with the same experience. Many were told to basically switch off everything other than the Times on their iPad. A bit drastic!

Holway says The Times has told him a bug fix is due this week. He says the problem seems to be most severe on the iPad1.

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