Yamaha revs up dealer website with Progress DataDirect

Yamaha Motor Europe is dramatically increasing page load speeds for its dealer website and improving overall database access performance.

The Yamaha Motor website connects its 1,500 European dealers with Yamaha distributors in 12 countries. Designed to help dealers quickly order spare parts, as well as register warranties and process claims, it is imperative that the site delivers an optimum user experience.

Yamaha encountered a database performance problem when it shifted from a high-end application server to a virtualised environment to run its dealer website.

Because the existing database driver was limited, page load times that used to take five seconds began to take 40 seconds. In the test environment the site and database crashed.

An investigation revealed that the drivers that accompanied the commercial database the company was using were not able to operate efficiently enough to ensure the kind of performance and speed that customers, distributors and dealers had grown to expect from the website.

In order to alleviate the problem before the website went live Yamaha chose the Progress DataDirect for JDBC drivers to replace the built-in drivers. Designed for optimal database access and performance on virtual machines, this eliminated the need for database client libraries, reduced administrative overhead of managing multiple vendors and diminished the amount of excessive network "chatter".

Kees Trommel, division manager for information systems at Yamaha Motor Europe, said, “DataDirect JDBC drivers help ensure that our website experience meets customer expectations for quick and reliable transactions. We’re excited to be able to boast that all of our pages now load in four or five seconds.”

After implementing the new DataDirect for JDBC drivers, Yamaha’s dealer website was able to function 20 times faster than with the other driver, increasing page load times by a factor of ten.

The database has stopped crashing and in terms of IT operations the new drivers are making possible a "new level of infrastructure agility", said Yamaha. The database is no longer an obstacle to updating or replacing components of infrastructure, such as application servers.

The DataDirect for JDBC drivers also made it possible to launch the new dealer site in 12 different languages. Some of the countries where Yamaha does business have UTF8 characters, while others have Unicode. The DataDirect for JDBC drivers handled this discrepancy "effortlessly" and made it possible to get the site up in all territories easily, Yamaha said.

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