Royal Mail to order 120,000 mobile devices worth up to £300m

The Royal Mail Group has revealed plans to distribute up to 120,000 mobile devices to its staff under a new managed services deal worth up to £300 million.

The ‘Postal Digital Assistants’ (PDAs) are likely to be made available under a managed services deal, where the chosen vendor will provide, support and maintain a range of ‘ruggedised handheld computing devices’.

Royal Mail is planning for a phased replacement of the current handheld PDA estate, which totals some 120,000 devices, and will be distributed across 1,500 sites and 38,000 vehicles within the UK.

The contract will last for a minimum of five years, with the option to be extended by up to another three, and will include the provision of replacement spares, peripherals, accessories and secure storage facilities.

Royal Mail is also expecting the service provider to deliver device configuration management, remote device management, helpdesk and support, reporting, independent testing and applications.

An online notice states: “The contract shall provide an end to end service to ensure that all designated employees have an appropriate device available when needed, providing the required functionality, based on their role.

“The supplier of services will be required to deliver a high level of integration and collaboration with other relevant providers of IT related services to the Royal Mail Group.”

It continues: “In order to ensure that the required service levels are provided the Royal Mail Group require this integration and collaboration to be formalised between the supplier of the services for this contract, and the other suppliers engaged in enabling or providing parts of the services related to this contract.”

Those interested in participating in the tender process have until 4th January to submit their proposals to Royal Mail.

In other news, the Royal Mail is advertising a number of senior IT job roles on LinkedIn, which require candidates to have managed projects worth hundreds of millions of pounds in the past.

The roles include IT portfolio director for data, head of strategic supplier & contracts management, infrastructure architect, head of mobility systems integration and supplier chain solution architect.

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