Alfresco unveils iOS document management in the cloud

Open source content management firm Alfresco has announced a new version of its mobile system for the Apple iOS platform that is designed to increase productivity in the cloud.

Alfresco Mobile 1.4 delivers task management, note taking and file synching. Using the workflow capability of the Alfresco Enterprise on premise platform or the Alfresco in the cloud offering, Alfresco Mobile 1.4 provides simple task management to start, complete or reassign tasks, like the reviewing and approving of documents.

With the note taking features Alfresco Mobile 1.4 allows business users to create or edit a text file with notes, tag it and save it to Alfresco in the cloud or Alfresco Enterprise, making sure the notes are not disconnected from the rest of the organisation’s enterprise content.

With mobile file synching, whether users are accessing sales presentations or product price lists, they can "favorite" files in Alfresco in the cloud, Alfresco Enterprise or Alfresco Mobile and they will automatically sync to the mobile device of their choice.

Additionally, Alfresco Mobile is now available in five languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

“We live in a three-screen world where PCs, tablets and smartphones all play a critical role in knowledge worker productivity,” said John Powell, CEO of Alfresco. “Combined with Alfresco in the cloud or Alfresco on-premise, our goal is to enable users to get work done on all of their devices with features that leverage both the unique features of each device and the enterprise capability of the Alfresco platform.”

Alfresco Mobile 1.4 for iOS is currently available in the Apple App Store, complete with 10GB of free cloud file storage in conjunction with Alfresco in the cloud.

On top of Alfresco Mobile 1.4 for iOS, Alfresco’s first mobile app for Android will be available in the Google Play store this month. Alfresco’s SDKs (software development kits) for both iOS and Android are also now available allowing developers to take advantage of document management functionality to accelerate mobile app creation.

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