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What is the skill?Over the past few years we’ve seen growing demand from our clients for on-demand and cloud services; therefore it should come as no real surprise that the expectation for such functionality now extends to HR solutions. So, this hot skill relates to Workday, an enterprise cloud application for Human Resources and Finance. Given that its IPO  last week has been hailed as one of this year’s hottest technology deals, we expect to see a growing demand for consultants and integrators familiar with Workday technology.

Companies will be looking for experienced consultants that have implemented a similar HR package before and know the typical expectations for this type of solution. We anticipate a greater demand for consultants able to assess if Workday is the right fit for an organisation, and also those that can integrate the software on a global scale.

Where did it come from?Workday was founded by PeopleSoft veterans Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri in 2005 and while it has just 325 customers at the moment, including Aviva, Google and, we expect this number will increase rapidly and so too will demand for consultants familiar with the package.

What is it for?Workday has an intuitive interface and is designed for employees at all levels to access relevant HR and financial data from a range of devices at a global level. So, for example, if you’re an employee for a global organisation and you’re based in the Vancouver office, not only could you access your payslip details from your mobile at any time, but you could also view internal job postings at a global level, rather than just seeing vacancies in your locale.

What is unique about it?If you’re a global organisation you can replace numerous localised HR solutions with one centralised system that can be accessed in real time, from anywhere, at any time. In Workday’s own language “Workday offers a fresh alternative to legacy ERP”.

Where is it used?Workday is a global solution, so we expect to see demand for this package at an international level.

How do I acquire the skill / is it difficult to master? If you don’t already have experience of working with HR-related systems, then there are a number of companies offering training courses. However, because this is such a new skill and most IT companies will be searching for Workday specialists, a good way to ‘skill up’ would be to join a growing IT consultancy that offers in-house training.

Pay and prospects?The pay and prospects are certainly attractive. You can expect to earn at least £500 per day.

What’s next/where does it lead? This software caters so well for the on-demand, BYOD and real-time expectations of today’s workforce that we’re confident that this skill, and related, will be in demand for some time.

John Kittle is Contracts Director at Eurostaff Technology, a specialist recruiters to the technology sector

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