EasyJet converts more website visits to sales with new CMS

EasyJet has completed the roll-out of a new website content management system designed to help convert more website visits to sales.

According to Kantar Media, 49 percent of all UK adults with internet access visited the easyJet web site in the first quarter of 2012.

The new Sitecore content management system (CMS) delivers a dynamic personalised home page for each web visitor based on their location and user activity, across all of the airline's 19 regional web sites.

The Sitecore system replaced easyJet’s in-house CMS platform. Sitecore uses information available from each web visitor to then show images and content that is helpful and relevant to that visitor, such as flights from local airports.

For the first time the easyJet home page also shows a selection of real-time prices for flights relevant to the visitor for targeted destinations, which the airline says is a considerable technical achievement, considering the number of visitors on the site at any given time booking flights, which in turn constantly changes prices for others.

The real-time pricing feature allows targeted users to click straight through into the booking section for these offered flights.

EasyJet initially introduced the new personalised home page to just 1 percent of the UK traffic, testing against the standard home page, and incrementally ramping up traffic to the entire UK and Netherlands business first.

EasyJet has now completed home page personalisation across all 19 easyJet regional websites, in 14 languages.

James Millett, head of digital at easyJet, said, "The power of the tool has transformed the way we can change the site to react quickly to external factors. For example, during the recent wet spell we had a series of ad banners encouraging users to escape the rain - such a simple premise but very difficult to achieve quickly before we implemented Sitecore."

It is not just commercial organisations that can benefit from enhanced CMS technology. Human rights group Amnesty International also recently changed its CMS to embrace social media tools and better target website visitors.

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