London health organisation adopts single patient safety software

Whittington Health in north London has deployed a patient safety and risk assessment system across its organisation.

The integrated care organisation (ICO), established from the joining of Whittington Hospital NHS Trust with the community health services of Islington and Haringey primary care trusts and Islington social services last year, has deployed Datix patient safety software.

The organisation, which employs over 4,500 people serving a catchment population of 440,000, is using Datix as a single patient safety framework that manages adverse incidents, risks, claims and complaints, and health and safety.

Datix was first installed by Whittington Hospital NHS Trust in July 2007 to replace the previous manual process for managing all patient safety, health and safety incidents, as well as claims and complaints at the hospital.

The formation of Whittington Health in 2011 created a new set of challenges. In addition to more patients and 2,000 additional staff, the increased emphasis on delivering a wider range of community care services meant that a diverse range of professionals, including district nurses, health visitors, nutritionists, podiatrists and sexual health specialists, also needed access to the Datix system.

Liz Bennett, Datix manager and risk manager at Whittington Health, said: “Datix has given us a fully integrated platform for managing all incidents, risks, claims and complaints across the organisation. It gives us the flexibility we need to build on the openness we have with GPs, community and council partners."

There is now a three-step process for incident reporting followed by 4,500 Datix users. The organisation is also about to adopt the Datix Dashboards facility which will enable directors from different divisions to review data relating to traditionally siloed areas of information, such as incidents and complaints, on one page.

In addition Whittington Health will shortly deploy Datix Hotspots to help identify areas where increased levels of incidents may be a cause for concern, and then automatically flag up when those incidents reach certain breach thresholds over a given timeframe.

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trusthas recently completed the rollout of a CareFX clinical patient data portal. The trust says the portal has reduced clinic times and improved patient safety.

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