Nuffield Health builds private cloud architecture

Nuffield Health is migrating to a private cloud-based IT infrastructure to support its hospitals and other operations more efficiently.

Nuffield Health operates more than 300 facilities across the UK, including 31 private hospitals, 65 fitness and well-being centres, and six medical centres. It works with more than 1,600 businesses to support their employee well-being programmes and employs 13,000 staff. Nuffield provides healthcare services to 300,000 people a year.

Nuffield has chosen an HP CloudSystem-based system to support a centralised infrastructure-as-a-services IT operation.

“Our IT environment is constantly evolving as the organisation grows and we need a flexible, scalable platform to help us achieve our goals,” said Claire Myerson, chief information officer (CIO) at Nuffield Health.

“We selected HP to help us on the cloud journey from a largely physical environment to a more virtualised platform with a geographically resilient infrastructure."

Myserson said the new infrastructure would build greater agility into the organisation's IT operation, with Nuffield being able to more easily allocate IT capacity where it was needed in response to business changes.

Consisting of five HP CloudSystem Matrix systems and an HP 3PAR V400 storage system, linked by HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb ethernet modules, the converged infrastructure will make the organisation’s IT services, applications, servers, storage and networks "flexible, dynamic and available on demand", said Myserson.

Changing from rack-mounted servers to HP server blades will also save floor space and costs.

The 10Gb ethernet modules will allow Nuffield Health’s IT team to fine-tune network bandwidth at the server edge, allowing just the right amount of bandwidth based on application needs and enabling greater virtualisation.

HP 3PAR thin provisioning software will also enable Nuffield Health to purchase only the disk capacity it actually needs, as it needs it.

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