Skanska cuts costs through remote management software

Construction firm Skanska UK saved saved £50,000 and reduced carbon emissions by 20 tonnes annually through the use of remote management software.

The Remote Control system, provided by Netop, is installed on the workstations of over 4,000 users and 300 company servers. It allows staff to receive immediate IT support on any of its 100 sites remotely, without having to rely on transmitting a traditional desktop.

As a result, support staff do not always have to physically travel to sites in order to administer machines, which Skanska estimates saves the company up to 1,000 in mileage and reduce carbon emissions by 20 tonnes each year.

On this basis the company calculated that 40 hours a week will be saved in travel time, equivalent to a full-time employee’s hours. In total this has contributed to financial savings of about £50,000 each year.

Steve Capper, director of IT at Skanska, said: “Our staff could be 300 miles away in Scotland one week, and in London the next. Having them travel to further still to receive technical assistance or deliver sensitive files is, quite simply, not an option.

“Using Netop, these processes are quick, seamless and secure, saving my staff an immeasurable amount of time. It’s critical to the overall performance of our business too, as without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide level of support that we do now.”


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