IT fault hits Lloyds Banking customers

Lloyds Banking customers have been unable to make payments this morning following a technical problem with the bank's faster payments service.

According to one customer, the issue started at 06:00 GMT, and the latest report of the problem made to the bank's customer service Twitter account was at 11:06 GMT.

A spokesperson for Lloyds Banking Group said that the technical problem has now been resolved, and that it did not affect scheduled payments.

"There was a temporary technical issue with our faster payments. Some payments may not have been going through. It is now resolved. It was a small-scale, temporary issue," the spokesperson said.

However, customers who experienced the problem complained that it was the lack of notification from the bank, rather than the issue itself, that they found most frustrating.

"Since 6.00am this morning, we – and about 1/3rd of UK businesses – have been unable to use their online Lloyds Banking accounts because of a technical fault. As always, it is not the fault itself that drives me to distraction. It was how Lloyds are dealing with it.

"At first, when I couldn't log in, I thought it might be me, so phoned the helpline. Thirty minutes on hold and I was told it was a technical problem. I could have avoided that if Lloyds had put a status message on the login page," said Richard Holway, chairman of analyst group TechMarketView.

Holway's sentiment was echoed on Twitter.

"@AskLloydsTSB You should put a note on the website to say business banking is down – save us all time having to keep checking your site!!" said a message from E-T Innovations.

Nick_Coombes added: "@AskLloydsTSB any update when the online system will be up? (or even when a notice will be put up that there's an issue being investigated?)

In response to the suggestions of a message being posted on the website, Lloyds' customer service said on Twitter: "System issues may not always affect all customers accessing, but I'll pass on your feedback."

Last week in its financial results announcing an annual loss of £3.5 billion, Lloyds Banking Group said that it had completed an "immense" system integration that had played a key part in its cost-cutting efforts.

However, serious online banking problems emerged for customers during the changeover, with customers reporting difficulties accessing their accounts for a number of months from September 2011.

The Lloyds spokesperson confirmed that today's technical issues were unrelated to the systems migration.

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