Jericho Forum: UK is late to the identity game

The UK and Europe needs to get involved with and help influence America's national identity scheme, according to the Jericho Forum.

The Jericho Forum rates the US's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) highly, and believes that the UK and Europe risk developing ineffective national identity schemes if it does not take part.

"The best initiative out there is the US's NSTIC. If we don't get off our backsides and get involved, we will either get something US-centric, or we will get something that does not interoperate with what the Europeans have put in place. We are late to the game," said Paul Simmonds, president of the Jericho Forum.

Last year, the Jericho Forum published the Identity, Entitlement and Access Management (IdEA) Commandments, aimed at helping organisations and industry develop best practice identity management systems and processes.

The commandments promote open and interoperable standards that can be used to help build identity management processes that can work on a global, de-perimeterised basis.

In a one-hour webinar this week, the Jericho Forum will be discussing the commandments in greater detail, explaining why they are critical to all governments and organisations developing identity schemes.

Looking at identity schemes from around the world, it will also compare how they measure against the Jericho Forum commandments.

"We are going to be using real examples out there. The aim is not to go out to criticise. It's a review of what we know about them [the schemes] and using the commandments as a reference," said Simmonds.

Security and other professionals wishing to learn more about the identity commandments can register for the free webinar here.


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