Oracle extends support fee waiver for E-Business Suite

Oracle has extended the support fees waiver for E-Business Suite (EBS) to November 2013.

This is a two-year extension to the initial waiver of extended support fees for EBS 11i10, which ran from December 2010 to the end of November 2011.

Debra Lilley, president of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG), said that this move enables businesses to decide whether they want to upgrade existing applications or move to Fusion Applications.

"[Back in May] I was worried about the number of people who said they had been waiting to see Fusion Apps before they made their decision, and I didn't think they should be penalised because it wasn't available for them to compare.

"So now we have Fusion Applications on general availability and the extended support waived. Everyone must now decide what they are going to do," she wrote in her blog.

Lilley believes that most users will adopt Fusion in small stages, using a co-existence approach.

Meanwhile, as leader of the Product Development Committee at the International Oracle Users Group Community (IOUC), Lilley said she will be addressing the issue around the upgrade path of existing applications.

"Oracle has always said that there would be an upgrade path from the latest two releases, which at the time was 11.5.10 and 12.0. But now we also have 12.1, so there is only a path from 12.0 onwards.

"The Product Development Committee will be asking people to tell us if they do need an upgrade path [from version 11.5.10]," she said.

Customers will be able to get more insight into Fusion at the annual UKOUG conference next week, which is taking place at the ICC in Birmingham from 5 to 7 December.

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