Boden sends online sales higher with new CRM

Online and mail-order clothing retailer Boden is aiming to boost website revenue worldwide with software from Autonomy.

Boden has already trialled Autonomy Optimost software on its two largest websites in the UK and the US. The software is designed to enhance customer engagement and boost conversion rates.

The technology can perform intelligent analytics to deliver maximum business results. Boden uses Autonomy Optimost's Multivariable Testing (MVT) platform to test virtually limitless permutations of web content and layout of the Boden websites in real-time, and identify the versions which optimise customer behaviour online.

The system optimises virtually every online marketing element, including landing pages, registration pages, shopping carts, credit card pages, banner ads, email creatives, and web applications, as well as every content type within them, including headlines, copy, forms, images, and rich media.

Using the system, Boden said it had improved the bottom-line of its UK and USA sites. In one of many recent tests, said Boden, the company saw an increase of over 4.5 percent in revenue per visitor.

Boden will now use Autonomy Optimost’s MVT across its entire online presence.

“Testing through Autonomy Optimost has enabled us to remove any doubt as to which online creative and navigation performs the best and delivers the biggest commercial uplift, said Mark Batty, eCommerce manager at Boden.

"Through a process of listening, testing and improving we have been able to develop a much clearer understanding of our customers' preferences and behaviour," said Batty.

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