MIT and University of Wales to train cyber-techies

The University of Wales could become one of the UK’s foremost cybersecurity education and training centres after a recent conference produced a deal to work with the prestigious MIT Geospatial Data Centre in the US.

What will emerge from the collaboration in concrete terms is still vague, but a statement after the summit this week in Cardiff this week spoke of an agreement to “jointly develop solutions for cyber security leadership and training, an agreement that will place Wales at the forefront of developments in this area."

"The conference has concluded that a multidisciplinary team is necessary to address the problems of cyber security and that the UK and the US would need to produce many thousands of experts in this field over the next few years,” said Professor John Williams, director of the MIT's Geospatial Data Centre.

As well as the University and MIT, the event was attended by institutions such as Harvard University, the University of Oxford, University of Memphis, Boston University and the University of Central Florida.

Currently in the UK, cyber security training happens in a piecemeal fashion through a scattering of university courses across the country, or through computer science engineers who change tack professionally later on in their careers.

Tie-ups like this bring in some outside expertise and training experience, which the UK still lacks, though there is a shortage of trained people in the US as it stands.


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