Pepsi bottling firm puts fizz in new network

Pepsi bottling firm G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling has said it is improving its communications with a new network using HP kit, including wireless deployments at a number of factories.

The firm said the new network will "improve business agility while lowering costs". G&J wanted standardised technology to reduce complexity in its network environment, provide a more scalable architecture, and increase flexibility.

With the deployment at the core and edge of it network, said HP, G&J has been able to speed up and secure business processes, including order processing, billing, and logistics for distribution to thousands of retail customers.

As a result, G&J says it can now respond to changing market conditions, such as adding new distributors, faster and easier, while at the same having reduced total cost of ownership by 35 percent.

“Over the years our networking architecture has evolved to become complex and difficult to manage. As such, we needed a solution that could bring us back to a simple, agile infrastructure that was closer to what we started with,” said Chris Witzgall, vice president of information services at G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling.

The firm brought in HP networking partner SARCOM to complete the work. Witzgall said, “SARCOM proposed an HP solution that has enabled us to simplify our network infrastructure, improve business agility, streamline management and reduce ongoing costs.”

G&J is using HP ProCurve 3500 Series and HP ProCurve 8212zl switches at the edge and core of its network. This month HP wireless connectivity systems will start to be rolled out across the firm's 12 locations.

Last year, PepsiCo signed a deal for BT to implement Cisco videoconferencing at all its large offices around the world.

The company wanted to use the Cisco Telepresence system to cut costs and improve communications within the company, as well as with its retailers and distributors.

Photo: Pepsi

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