Nikon focuses on sales data with cloud app

Nikon Instruments has implemented customer relationship management and collaboration platforms from Salesforce in an attempt to target sales.

The microscope maker, which has UK sites including Derby and Kingston-upon-Thames and is part of the Nikon camera company, wants to use the CRM and Chatter systems to enable it to build a closer relationship with its customers, while providing real-time business intelligence regarding new opportunities and sales.

The Sales Cloud 2 system is currently rolled out across Nikon’s sales and marketing organisations. Nikon is also deploying Service Cloud 2,’s application for customer service, for customer support.

The CRM manager and project leader at Nikon, John Bivona, said the company had small islands of unique customer data around the company that did not present the complete picture. Nikon wanted a way to bring all customer data together, while maintaining control and security around the data.

Nikon selected Salesforce CRM with Chatter after also considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP CRM OnDemand. The company said it chose the product for its mobile, social, real-time model, and for its and ability to run with few IT resources.


“We have seen seamless improvements to our direct selling model with Salesforce CRM and Chatter,” said Bivona. “Not only are we quickly and efficiently supporting our customers and business, but we are improving business processes for the future, collaborating internally in real-time, and lowering costs with’s Cloud 2 technologies.”

The use of Chatter is growing across the company, particularly in product marketing and product management. Employees use it daily to provide real-time updates to the sales organisation on new resources, such as product brochures or links to articles that can help accelerate their sales.

Nikon has also saved internal resources and costs by automating quote requests from its website into Salesforce, that are then automatically routed according to product and geography without any human intervention or processing.

Mobile access to Salesforce on iPhones and BlackBerries also enables Nikon agents to have access to data from any location. In addition, the new system enables collaboration and unification between Nikon’s marketing and sales organisations, by providing data on the success of trade shows and outbound email campaigns.

Nikon expects to save hundreds of thousands of pounds on time and efficiencies through integration with its SAP back-office system, which will convert a quote in Salesforce to an order in SAP, and then back through Salesforce to communicate the order status to the customer.

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