Check your MPs’ expenses ... on iPhone

An iPhone application that tracks MPs’ expenses has been released.

A day after the three main political parties kicked off their high-profile general election campaigns, Satosoft’s MP Expenses application was released to Apple iPhone users.

MPs’ expenses have been a hot topic since the summer when newspapers revealed politicians had claimed taxpayer cash for extravagant services such as moat clearing and building duck islands, as well as for a range of expenses on second homes.

Graham French, founder of Satosoft, said the application was developed because people wanted to see their local MPs’ expense claims but had found it difficult to obtain the information. The new application links directly into the expenses files of 645 politicians.

MPs would “dread” the application, he said. “At the touch of a button you can look at your MP's expenses on your iPhone, which then helps you to send them an email to voice your views. Alternatively, you may find the need to call them on their direct line, also displayed on the iPhone.”

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