TransferSummit: Looking at what's next in open innovation

Virtually all organisations today use Open Source software –up to 90%, according to Gartner -- even if they are not aware of it.

Understanding what's next in its development, who is involved in its contribution, and which communities to engage with is paramount to creating an enterprise-grade Open Source policy and ensuring its successful adoption.

With so many players in the field, how does one find the right people to connect with? This is by no means a unique challenge, whether you're from the academic, research, government, or private sectors, many of you are seeking to leverage Open Source software to improve your offerings and services.

In the spirit of traditional business-academia knowledge exchange, TransferSummit is coming to Oxford 24-25 June to discuss the use, development, licensing, and future of Open Source technology.

We're promoting an open dialogue on innovation, from emerging technologies to development methodologies, best practices, and processes across a range of disciplines and applications. The format is engaging, aimed to improve collaboration between commercial and academic concerns, streamline the resource discovery process, cultivate partnerships, and accelerate the process of commercialising products.

By helping organisations identify new innovations that grow business, and collaborate with academic and research institutions, we're helping them find new ways to bolster long-term research into future technologies.

Unlike other events, our reach goes beyond the theoretical: we're focusing on strategic solutions that improve collaboration, offering unique access to valuable research and transferring creative ideas to meet business challenges through the use of new technologies.

Participants share, discuss, and discover strategic opportunities that accelerate growth through knowledge transfer partnerships, innovation promotion, community outreach, academic-business interaction, spin-outs and start-ups, applied research, intellectual property licensing, incubators and collaborative think-tanks, and more.

Issues of common interest will be addressed across a diverse level of participants, including technologists, administrators, academics and researchers.

We're offering dozens of quick-start sessions and real world case studies to emerging technology showcases and funding opportunities, and a flexible schedule to allow participants to mix-and-match sessions as they wish from the following tracks:

  • Innovation – aimed at executive-level attendees, providing a top-level immersion into the world of Open Source. Attendees will gain knowledge of the people, products, and processes that facilitate open development, deployment, and participation.
  • Development – aimed at technologists, highlighting day-to-day practice of putting Open Source in action. Participants will benefit from tactical insight on the day-to-day technical activities involved in Open Source development.
  • Collaboration – aimed at both technical and non-technical audiences, offering real world case studies, proofs of concept, first-hand accounts, market trends, and analyses what's upcoming in Open Source. Takeaways: learn how to increase returns on research investments by harnessing innovations and trends in Open Source technology.

World-class speakers will bring first-hand, relevant experience and organisations represented at TransferSummit include:

  • Business: (Amazon, Day Software, Google, HP, Indiginox, Liip AG, Moorcrofts, PERA, Red Hat,, Sirius, WSO2); .
  • Research/Academic Institutions (Australian Research Collaboration Service, Centre for the Development of Open Technology, CETIS, Roehampton University, Tainton's College, UKOLN, University of Cambridge, University of Gloucestershire, University of Melbourne, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative); and
  • Foundations/Champions (Apache, CodePlex, GNOME, JISC, LiMo, Mozilla, OSI, OSS Watch, Sakai, Wikimedia).

Attendees can benefit from exceptional learning opportunities, keynote presentations, breakout sessions, Birds of a Feather sessions, a gala dinner at Keble Hall (the inspiration for Harry Potter's Hogwarts dining hall), and access to the BarCamp on Saturday, 26 June free of charge.

The BarCamp will provide those wishing to continue the dialogue and explore concepts addressed during TransferSummit in an unstructured manner.

Unparalleled content, comprehensive industry expertise, and a view into some of the most innovative projects and organisations in Open Source make TransferSummit a worthwhile investment in your organisation's future.

We are very excited about TransferSummit and encourage you to sign up early, as space is limited.

To register and for more information, visit; follow us on Twitter @TransferSummit/#TC10 for the latest updates. We hope to see you there!

TransferSummit Conference Chair Ross Gardler is Service Manager of OSS Watch, a Member and Vice President of Community Development at The Apache Software Foundation, and an Apache administrator for the Google Summer of Code.

TransferSummit advisor Sally Khudairi is chief executive of HALO Worldwide, a Member and Vice President of Marketing & Publicity for The Apache Software Foundation, and the Program Chair for ApacheCon NA 2010.

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