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Gartner: Don't sign long-term outsourcing deals

Barclays online and ATM crash after disc array fault

SAP's first ever CTO prepares for battle

Twitter becomes a lifeline to an Iran in turmoil

Aviva talks up mega-outsourcing deal with EDS

Reader's choice

Beware Microsoft XP licence trap warns Gartner

Google founder in secretive talks with European Commission

Microsoft backtracks over XP deadline

NHS IT legal bill hits £2.6m in fight with Fujitsu

'Boycott Opera' says Microsoft group

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Recession sparks sharp drop in offshoring

We are all SMEs

Why Microsoft Hates - No, *Really* Hates - ODF

The mainframe skills conundrum

Green storage has limited ROI, but supports overall efficiency

Digging Deeper: Digital Britain

Digital Britain Report gets muted support

Digital Britain: £6 tax on all fixed phone lines to fund broadband gap

Digital Britain: BT, Virgin 'cannot afford' high-speed broadband

Digital Britain pushes cloud computing in Government

Digital Britain, Analogue Thinking

Digging Deeper: Management briefing

IT project failure rates rising during the recession

Government falters over ID cards

Gartner Summit: CIOs need to go out and win business

IT problems compound 'asylum chaos'

Flat is the new black

Digging Deeper: Technology update

Fix Windows 7 flaw pleads blogger

Analysts: New iPhone 3G S still lacks features IT needs

Google targets Oracle with cloud-based database

Microsoft creates porn domain for Bing

Sun ditches server chip


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