Best VPN for small businesses 2019

Virtual private networks (VPNs) offer much more than a connection to Netflix's geo-targeted content and other overseas TV streaming services.

For both consumers and businesses, VPNs provide a safe way to connect to and browse the internet. According to many cyber security professionals, VPNs should be used at all times when connecting to the internet.

This is because they provide encrypted connections, while not only securing devices and sensitive information but also keeping IP addresses hidden, which means you can browse anonymously - a feature that is particularly useful while abroad and on public Wi-Fi.

VPNs play a particularly important role in managing remote working and uniting offices across different territories. VPNs offer servers in numerous countries across the globe, meaning, if you have employees in India, you can connect via a VPN and see geo-specific content on their network.

Here are some of the best VPNs for small businesses.

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Additional reporting by Hannah Williams.



Business users will naturally need access to multiple servers to ensure all employee devices are covered by the VPN.

With NordVPN, you'll have access to over 5,238 servers in 62 countries and be able to host six simultaneous connections.

You'll also be able to take advantage of NordVPN's double data, military-level encryption, kill switch and - as servers operate under the jurisdiction of Panama - assurance that it keeps no logs of user activity.

Business customers will gain access to a dedicated business VPN server for internal use, accompanied by an assigned IP address for each NordVPN user.

And for Chrome and Firefox users, NordVPN offers encrypted proxy extensions for both browsers.

Buy NordVPN here.



Surfsharknot only provides a great VPN service, it's also one of the most competitively priced, coming in at £1.59 a month when users opt for a 24 month contract. This price includes all features Surfshark has to offer too.

While Sufshark might be considered the new kid on the block, it already has a large and rapidly growing user base, all benefiting from its easy to use interface, and mobile and tablet app extensions.

Surfshark has 800 servers across 50 countries, offers a kill switch and unlimited simultaneous connections, ideal for small businesses.

This VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands so can offer a a strict no-logs policy.



When you download a VPN you inevitably have to sacrifice some of your internet speed, so finding a VPN that limits how much your browsing suffers is vital, particularly in the businesses setting.

PureVPN is pretty nippy and shouldn't slow down your browser too much. Plus, both its personal and business plans are reasonably priced, starting at around $8 (£6) for business accounts.

This VPN can access 2,000 servers across 140 countries, provides a kill switch and mobile/browser extensions.

Download PureVPN here.



If you want something a bit more stripped back, simple to use and speedy, then ExpressVPN is definitely worth your consideration.

This VPN offers browser extensions on Chrome and Firefox, a kill switch and DNS/IPv6 leak protection to ward off information leaks caused by unencrypted DNS requests.

ExpressVPN stresses the speed of its service, which offers unlimited bandwidth and no throttling.

You'll be able to take advantage of over 2,000 servers across 94 countries.

ExpressVPN also provides a VPN for domestic routers, well-suited for microbusinesses and home offices. However you might need to put some time aside to set it up as it involves downloading specially modified firmware for the device and installing it, which can be a big task.

Buy ExpressVPN here.



IPVanishoffers a VPN network which spans 40,000 IP addresses in over 60 countries.

This also enables users to access public Wi-Fi with an added layer of security, helping to further protect your browsing traffic.

IPVanish is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Chromebook. This VPN also offers unlimited bandwidth and connections on multiple devices.

There are three pricing plans: $10/month, $8.99/month with a three-month commitment, or $6.49/month with a one year commitment. Buy IPVanish here.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access(PIA) uses VPN tunnelling to provide users with multi-layered security and privacy protection.

It offers five security layers for users to gain access. These include IP cloaking, encryption, firewall, identity protection and unblocking websites.

PIA is available on multiple VPN gateways across over 30 countries, with unlimited bandwidth. Users can connect up to five devices at a time.

The cheapest overall package costs $2.91 per month but with a two-year commitment. Buy PIA here.



VyprVPNhas two dedicated business VPNs: VyprVPN for Business and VyprVPN for Business Cloud, with the distinction being that one is cloud-based and offers a dedicated server and IP and the other without.

Based in Switzerland, this VPN hosts over 70 worldwide server locations and over 200,000 IPs. Not only this, VyprVPN provides secure DNS servers and a kill switch.

VyprVPN also features a firewall and it's able to prevent deep packet inspection (DPI) and VPN blocking.

Using the VPN also means faster streaming too. The site explains that when streaming without a VPN, your ISP and streaming service can monitor what you're doing and slow down your internet. When using a VPN however, your traffic is encrypted meaning it's invisible and won't be used to selectively slow down your speed.

Buy VyprVPN here.



If you want an intuitive and attractive user interface, Ivacy is definitely worth your consideration.

You can download it onto your browser (Chrome), Windows PCs, Macs, routers and iOS or Android devices, and take advantage of its 450 servers in around 100 locations.

You'll be able to simultaneously connect to five different devices and get 256-Bit Encryption, as well as a kill switch, and a new feature called 'smart connect' which automatically connects you to the fastest server. This should mean your browser's speed won't suffer.

Download Ivacy here.



With CyberGhost, you can launch a browser session and VPN connection with one click. It's completely customisable meaning you can adjust many aspects of your browsing experience, such as specific servers or features.

You can use it to protect yourself in any public Wi-Fi zone such as airports or hotel lobbies.

The service is offered across seven devices and it counts over 1,550 IPs & Servers worldwide and over 60 countries.

Globally, the business has over 20 million users.

Buy CyberGhost here.

Perimeter 81 (powered by SaferVPN)

Perimeter 81 (powered by SaferVPN)

This VPN service offers business packages for companies of five to over 100 employees. You will gain access to a global network of over 700 servers in over 35 locations and fast internet speeds.

It offers clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and is compatible with Linux and Chromebook. It also provides the assurance that no data is logged by the company.

This VPN supports a one-click console so it is really simple to use and great for deploying across multiple employee devices. You'll also be able to take advantage of its round the clock support if you do run into any trouble.

Buy Perimeter 81 here.



Hidden24was created by a group of Swedish journalists in 2006, in reaction to the country's snooping laws.

And while Hidden24 doesn't explicitly offer a businesses plan, it is completely focused on total online anonymity, hiding your IP address and encrypting all traffic on your network with state of the art, unbreakable 2048 bit encryption.

So if you're a business looking for advanced security for your sensitive data, and are less concerned with accessing remote servers for collaboration purposes, this is an excellent choice. It is also available for an unlimited number of devices - ideal for office use.

It tunnels your network traffic to its own UK-based server farm, meaning you won't be able to access overseas servers - and restricted services like US Netflix - but your traffic will be secured.

However they can be used to bypass censorship laws for citizens in countries who have restricted internet access.

This VPN also offers unlimited devices, perfect for larger teams or teams with multiple devices per person.

Buy Hidden24 here.



TorGuardlets you choose between four business plans: Starter, Small, Medium and Enterprise. These vary in how many connections are afforded, from 10, 15 and 20, to up to more than 50 respectively. These packages offer encrypted email accounts to staff, with other features similar to the personal VPN packages.

All plans let you take advantage of its impressive 3000+ servers in over 50 countries, so reliability should never be an issue.

Additionally, you'll receive encrypted email accounts, assigned IP addresses and a dedicated VPN Management Portal. Not to mention its 'Stealth VPN Service' which protects businesses from deep packet inspections.

Buy TorGuard here.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Counting over 600 million users, you may well have heard of Hotspot Shield. And with a dedicated business option, this VPN is likely to meet most of your office needs: security, privacy and remote access.

The Hotspot Shield Business VPN package supports up to 20 devices and offers military grade encryption, cloud-based malware protection and the guarantee that no data logs are kept on customers.

Hotspot Shield boasts over 2,500 servers in over 100 locations. However, these are only spread out over 25 countries, significantly less than others listed, meaning if you have teams spread across the globe needing to connect to a certain country for collaboration, you'll need to check it supports those countries.

Buy Hotspot Shield here.

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