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Naming conventions are for conventional people.

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Pilot fish is document control analyst for a massive update and redesign of several dozen systems. Early in the multi-year process he is sent guidelines for naming the documents so that they can be easily identified within a matrix of system development steps. But it’s months later when the documents start arriving. Some have been given names that are pretty close to the guidelines, but others seem to follow no logic at all.

Fish emails his boss about the discrepancies. No response. As the weeks and months go by, the names of the documents are even further afield. From time to time, fish asks for clarification. Still no response.

In the end, the whole project gets canceled and the documents are to be archived. Then, just as fish is about to retire, he is asked if he would like to keep working. The project? Giving correct names to those 5,000 archived documents.

Fish decides to pass on that “opportunity,” but he wishes them all the best of luck on his way out the door.

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