BSO Achieves Seamless, Worldwide Access to Business-Critical Services

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BSO, a global network, cloud and hosting expert, is a privately owned company led by technologists. In addition to its Dublin headquarters, it has offices in London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Casablanca, Davao City in the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong, as well as 103 worldwide data centers and exchange locations that deliver 99.999% availability.

Its clients operate in demanding sectors such as finance, enterprise, e-commerce, broadcast, energy, and wholesale — putting unique pressures on BSO.

“We need a highly available architecture because critical business-oriented applications run on our private cloud infrastructure to ensure business continuity,” says Emmanuel Pellé, BSO’s chief operating officer. “Low latency, high performance and reliability are critical.”

To develop its private cloud offering, BSO wanted a platform where it could implement both bare metal and virtualized workloads on the same hardware. Because it has remote offices, it also wanted to cut down on manpower with a solution that could be managed remotely and easily augmented to onboard new clients and speed time-to-market for new services.

A single, composable platform

In its solution search, BSO included the HPE Synergy composable infrastructure and its automation capabilities. HPE Synergy brings together compute, network, and storage as a single platform, creating fluid resource pools managed through a single API. It is software-defined and enables users to quickly program and provision their whole infrastructure in an automated way.

“We looked at cheaper alternatives but calculated that the cost of day-to-day operations, short lifespan and time spent was not worth it,” explains Pellé. “We ran a full bench of tests onto HPE Synergy to assess its resiliency and performance and it passed all the tests.”

BSO has adopted a three-phase implementation at its Paris premises and when that is complete will roll out HPE Synergy internationally. Initial successes include a 15% saving on both CAPEX and OPEX, and BSO has been impressed by the ease with which Synergy can be installed.

“We think that the resiliency and performance embedded in HPE Synergy is a better investment than spending money on manpower to manage infrastructure failure,” says Pellé. “It simplifies operation and frees up resources, which gives us more options for problem-solving and value-add work.”

Next step: replication

Initial use of HPE Synergy will be a mix of onboarding new business and migrating legacy workloads but the HPE technology is just one aspect in a much wider business strategy for BSO, designed to show customers the value of its engineering and DevOps methodology and to cement its position as a niche expert that puts customer service first.

“We want to replicate what we have in Paris to allow our customers to be able to use on-demand cloud and on-demand service resources everywhere they need them,” says Pellé. “If we have customers who need resources in New York or Chicago, Hong Kong or Tokyo, we want them to be able to use our network and infrastructure seamlessly. That is our ultimate goal. To do that remotely, you need to build something with high resiliency and high availability from day one and that is why we chose HPE Synergy technology.”

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