About that Windows 7 End-of-Life nag screen: It ain’t working

Microsoft's Windows 7 end-of-life screen that is pushing "patch" KB 4493132 and telling users to back up their files and prepare for what's next has had zero effect on Windows 7 usage statistics.

Windows 7 is nearing end of support. That’s an indisputable fact. Many Windows 7 users have been greeted by the cheerful death proclamation shown in the screenshot.

windows 7 end of life nag Microsoft

We don’t know how many Windows 7 customers have seen that screen, but we do know what effect the death announcement has had on Windows 7 usage so far.

Zip. Nada.

According to NetMarketShare, the usage share of Windows 7 has gone from 36.52% in March to 36.43% in April.

According to StatCounter, the usage share of Windows 7 has gone from 33.41% in March to 33.38% in April.

Both changes are statistically insignificant.

I don’t see any Windows 7 customers quaking in their boots. Do you?

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