Not quite the result we were planning

Throwback, but not so far back.

Pilot fish is admin to a few social media pages that post about a computer magazine’s blog that runs stories of useless users, hapless bosses, clueless vendors and adventures that readers have encountered in their professional and personal lives. The magazine posts a new story each morning, and fish posts links to the story on social media, adding his own comment about it.

On occasion, the magazine posts a story from about 10 years ago under headings like “Throwback Thursday,” letting readers revisit a favorite story from that time. But while the latest “Throwback Thursday” story has a title and description that matches a story from 10 years ago, the body of the story is identical to what ran as a fresh item the day before.

Fish has contributed to this blog himself, so he writes a friendly email to the editor noting the mishap. Editor is chagrined, but grateful for having the mistake brought to light so it can be corrected. And, being desperate for readers’ true tales of IT life, he decides to turn this episode into the next day’s blog post.

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