Microsoft unexpectedly declares Win10, version 1809 ready for business

Windows 10, version 1809 has been declared “Semi-Annual Channel,” although that terminology is officially unsupported. Remarkably, the change comes before Microsoft issues its second March cumulative update, leaves us with numerous acknowledged bugs.

Microsoft unexpectedly declares Win10, version 1809 ready for business
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In yet another twist in the push-and-shove world of Windows 10 deployment, Microsoft has officially declared Windows 10, version 1809 ready for business. Well, OK, it isn’t exactly officially “ready for business,” but we’re at the mealy-mouthed analog. Per Softie John Wilcox:

Windows 10, version 1809 has transitioned to broad deployment. With this, the Windows 10 release information page will now reflect Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) for version 1809. We will continue to communicate for future releases the transition from targeted to broad deployment status.

And, sure enough, the release information matrix shows 1809 as “Semi-Annual Channel” with a latest release date of 2019-03-12.

Which has me scratching my head for two reasons. First, Microsoft hasn’t yet released the second April cumulative update for 1809 (thus the 2019-03-12 date). Second, the current version of 1809, build 17763.379, is crawling with acknowledged bugs:

  • IE 11 authentication issues
  • Audio devices stop working unexpectedly
  • MSXML6 may freeze the system
  • Custom URI schemes may not work correctly
  • Windows Deployment Services PXE may not work

I have two theories about the sudden accommodation in the “OK for everybody to deploy” ring.

First, Microsoft has to get 1809 officially pushed out the door before 1903 arrives. I’m expecting an RTM announcement (er, whatever’s replaced the Semi-Annual Channel - Targeted announcement) very soon.

Second, somebody at Microsoft read Susan Bradley’s broadside, "Hey 1809, we need to talk," and figured maybe some response was appropriate.

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