Throwback Thursday: Don’t make us hungry. You wouldn’t like us when we’re hungry.

Let us eat cake.

User calls support pilot fish with PC problems, and he goes to work sorting out her issues. But after a minute or so, she says, “Can you hold on for a second?” and puts down the phone.

Fish waits. After a few seconds, he hears people in the background begin singing “Happy Birthday” and then cheering — after which he’s pretty sure he can make out the sounds of people eating cake.

Fish keeps waiting. A few minutes later, he finally hears the user picking up the handset again.

But before he can say, “Hello, welcome back,” the user hangs up.

“I guess I wasn’t invited to that party. No cake for me,” sighs fish.

“For the record, I have no plans to burn down the building, which will undoubtedly make my boss very happy.

“But a word to the wise: We don’t forget things like this, so it is best to feed us — or suffer the consequences.”

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