8 highly useful Slack bots for teams

Collaboration has never been easier. With the help of these bots, you can schedule meetings, check up on your colleagues’ progress, track who’s out of the office and more, right in your Slack workspace.

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Designed expressly for business environments, Slack helps co-workers collaborate in real time through its cloud-based chat interface. One of Slack’s strengths is that it allows the installation of third-party apps and bots to add features to the basic chat platform.

Bots are apps that are designed to interact with users via chat; most respond to requests from users, while some operate in the background and chime in to the conversation as needed. When deployed to your team’s workspace, bots can perform a variety of useful tasks, such as gathering feedback from members of your team, reminding them of events, or tracking their work progress. Others perform less crucial tasks like telling jokes or helping a group decide what to have for lunch.

We sorted through the hundreds of bots available to install in Slack workspaces, zeroing in on those that are most helpful for teams looking to get serious work done together. In the list that follows, we’ve grouped together similar bots that might be equally useful depending on each team’s particular needs.

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