Flashback Friday: A little TOO efficient

A moving story from back in the day.

This data center is being relocated, and movers are scheduled to transport four $75,000 UPS units for the 600-mile trip, reports pilot fish.

“I happened to be looking out the window at the parking lot,” fish says. “I spotted several men loading the UPS units onto a grass-stained landscaping equipment trailer.

“I took a deep breath and, trying not to imagine the prospect of our valuable assets racing down I-95 with bungee cords flapping in the breeze, went running into my boss’s office.”

Boss can’t believe it, but a quick look out the window has him gaping in disbelief, too.

Next step is a quick call to the moving company. What’s going on? fish asks.

But the moving company doesn’t know either — turns out its truck hasn’t even arrived at fish’s location yet.

As fish and his boss run outside to confront the movers, they spot another tenant approaching the trailer, too.

“Their company was also moving, and the landscapers were hired by them,” says fish.

“We breathed a sign of relief as we spotted our moving truck pulling into the parking lot.”

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